Business innovation: how to innovate in the midst of a crisis

We are going through a crisis moment caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. This moment of uncertainty can be a threat to several companies, but at the same time, it can be an excellent opportunity to innovate and survive in the current scenario of economic instability.

Darwin already said, “It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that best adapts to changes.” Therefore, before taking the first step towards adapting and innovation, it is necessary to evaluate the company’s contracts and observe the finances to make sure that the changes won’t be a waste of time and money. And now the question comes: how to innovate in the midst of the crisis?

Business innovation in times of crisis

It is at times like this that innovation can be a differential for business. After all, economically speaking, the competitive advantage lies in those companies that manage to be more agile in identifying the problem and being able to adapt.

In this way, innovation can be applied in companies through development actions, to solve specific problems that companies are facing or will face.

But don’t think that innovation requires the use of eensive technologies. Your company can innovate in selling the same product or service, but in a different way.

Be present in the digital world

The social distance and the imposition of the closing of some commercial establishments during the quarantine, was responsible for the closing of many businesses, but also for the innovation of others. So, if your company works only with face-to-face service and has a physical store, this is the time to create a digital version of the business.

Do you want an example? Restaurants are closed doors to serve the public, but have adopted delivery as an alternative to keep the business running. Likewise, there are physical educators who are giving their classes online, real estate agents offering virtual tours and physical stores that have opened e-commerces. All to win the crisis and keep the business active.

Use your resources to meet customer needs

The moment calls for innovation to meet the needs of its customers and keep the business working. For this, it is necessary to ask: what do my clients need most now and how can I supply this need with the resources that my company has?

If your company is a clothing manufacturer, you can make masks to sell to your customers. If you are a retailer of personal care products and cosmetics, you can increase the sale of products such as hand sanitizers based on alcohol, for example.

Strengthen the relationship with your customers

Maintaining a close and friendly relationship with your customers is an excellent way to always be remembered by them. Narrow this relationship, keep communication always close, either directly, through newsletters, publishing on social networks or in groups of Telegram and WhatsApp. Show that you care and that you are together in this difficult moment. So, be transparent and discover the best way to interact with your customers.

Test, test and test

Now it’s time to experiment. So try, take a chance and test new ideas focusing on the results. Martin Luther King once said: “It is better to try and fail, than worry and watch life go by.” So try, try and try. And know that not everything you try will work the first time. Try to apply the mindset of startups: make mistakes quickly, learn fast, because only then will you be able to innovate even faster.

Use gamification to your advantage

Bet on tools that help you stand out in the market. Gamification uses game mechanics and is applied in corporate situations, with the purpose of increasing motivation, engagement, interaction with the team and even with its customers.

Use this technology in marketing to increase customers’ engagement and loyalty. Make your website, app and even your chatbot more attractive and enjoyable using gamification elements.

It is also possible to manage your team in a simplified way and take the opportunity to stimulate your team’s competitiveness and engagement to achieve the expected goals.

Through artificial intelligence, it is possible to create positive experiences for consumers and consequently increase their sales. So, get to know Gamefic and use gamification to your advantage. Take a free trial and see what Gamefic can do for your company.


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