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How corporate games help with employees’ mental health

The home office work model continues to gain more and more space in companies. In addition to more flexible working hours and reduced costs, we also need to think about the mental health of employees. The good news is that corporate games can help.

The change in the work routine can generate some significant impacts on the professional and personal lives of employees and service providers. Some may even be positive, such as reducing stress while commuting to work, optimizing time and making schedules more flexible.

But there may also be some negative impacts on this relationship between home office and mental health. And the most common problem is the feeling of loneliness caused by social isolation.

As there is no longer the routine of meeting in person with colleagues, leaders and other people, social contact is greatly reduced, generating this feeling of isolation.

Another negative point observed is the difficulty of establishing a routine. Being at home is a full plate for distractions: TV, home care, children, pets, leisure time, among others. The lack of established schedules ends up hurting productivity and the rest time itself, because it is often necessary to spend more time working to compensate for poorly managed time.

How can corporate games help?

We already know that gamification is up, after all using a management tool that uses the games methodology brings several benefits to your company and your team even when you are in the home office.

This powerful tool takes advantage of everyday situations to engage any type of person, contributing to the feeling of belonging, teamwork and the step-by-step evolution of each employee, from small to big achievements.

As we have already said, corporate games bring several benefits, both for companies and employees. Now it’s time to show how they can help your employees’ mental health.

Reduces absenteeism

Using a tool like Gamefic helps to make the team to feel happy and recognized, this way spendings with health plans and the number of absenteeism decreases. Thus, it is possible to identify an improvement in the employee’s quality of life, in addition, they may use health plan less.

Increases productivity

When a company uses programs and tools that motivate employees to make lifestyle changes, the employee feels happier and more willing and, consequently, increases their productivity naturally.

Maintains a healthy team

It is very stimulating and rewarding to see that your employees are healthy. Working in an environment where everyone is tired, discouraged, irritated is not a positive thing for people or business. Corporate games stimulate and engage people and also help with mental health, reducing stress, tiredness and lightening the mood.

Decreases turnover

High turnover is a problem for most companies. And the financial factor is not always the deciding factor for workers to leave the company. A heavy environment makes employees unhappy and sick, that is why many professionals resign their jobs. For this reason, corporate games are your ally. With it, it is possible to humanize and value each employee and raise their self-esteem.

Now that you know how corporate games can help your employees’ mental health, get to know Gamefic. Try it free.

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