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10 innovative benefits that your company can offer to your employees

Having a motivated, happy and satisfied team is a dream for companies all over the world. But wages are not always the main reason to keep your employees or attract new talents to the company. For this reason, many corporations are offering exclusive and innovative benefits to engage, retain and value each team member.

To choose the best benefit to your team, it is important to think about the team itself, taking into account what most fits in the culture of your company, the budget available and even the profile of your employees. Check here 10 innovative benefits that your company can offer.

Culture voucher

The culture voucher is an interesting way to encourage your employees to consume cultural goods  and have more leisure time outside the work environment. Every month, each person receives credits to buy books, visit exhibitions, watch plays and shows.


It is always important to take care of your team’s physical and mental health. Therefore, many companies partner with gyms and offer discounts to encourage physical activity. In this way, your employees will be more energetic and healthy and probably will tend to improve their attendance and daily performance.


Just as it is important to invest in health, it is also important to encourage study and continuous learning. Agreements with educational institutions and language courses are an excellent alternative to keep your employees always informed and updated with the market. In addition, the knowledge acquired can be used to stimulate the growth of professional positions and salaries. In other words, it is a double advantage, both for the professional and for the company.

Day off

The day off is a benefit so that the employee can enjoy and relax on specific dates such as birthdays or holidays. Therefore, it is only fair that each person on the team has the day off to enjoy if they wish.

Gift voucher

Offering a gift card on birthdays, anniversaries or at any special date is a simple way to show appreciation for the people on your team. That way, your team will feel valued for being working in a place that recognizes the work and commitment of each employee.

Flexible working hours

Having a flexible work schedule influences directly the productivity of your employees. For this, it is essential to establish some rules for the fulfillment of the day and / or for the fulfillment and delivery of daily demands. Thus, your team can work in a motivated way, improving performance and strengthening a relationship of trust between company and workers.

Home office assistance

During this quarantine period, a new form of work emerged in the routine of many businesses, and with it, some companies bet on another benefit: home office assistance. During remote work, this new assistance has been offered to the employee as an increase in the value of the meal / food voucher, a bonus amount, or even a prepaid card with a value determined in an internal convention or in a collective agreement. 

Space for games and rest

Investing in a space where your employees can rest and relax during work breaks is also an innovative benefit offered by many companies. An organized place with games, comfortable chairs, books and even a green area can help people lower stress level and return to work with a lighter mind.

Internal events and tournaments

Encourage healthy competition and interaction within your company. Create moments for events such as happy hour, meetup, lectures, get-togethers and competitions for your team so they feel integrated and motivated. Relaxation moments decrease daily stress and increase serotonin, contributing to the improvement of mood, reduction of tiredness and increased concentration to perform work activities.

Performance bonuses

To offer performance bonuses is one way to involve your employees even more in the job. An excellent way to put this into practice is by using Gamefic’s gamification systems. This way, your team has fun at the same time that increases its results.

In addition to the mandatory benefits defined by law and collective agreement, your company can add even more value to employees offering exclusive and innovative benefits to engage, humanize, retain and value each person on your team.

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