5 gamification applications for your company

Using gamification tools contributes to increase employee engagement and productivity. Not by chance, since 2017 gamification has been a trend in the company’s areas such as HR and internal communication.

Gamification is a strategy that is applied outside the conventional context of games, It is used also in the corporate environment to improve, retain, qualify, engage and increase the productivity of several professionals.

So, how about knowing 5 gamification applications for your company to improve your team’s results in a practical and fun way?


Generally, onboarding is the first contact that your new employees have with the company’s culture. Therefore, use gamification to welcome new professionals, maintain a high level of motivation and enthusiasm, in addition to reducing the time for adaptation, training and integration.

Training and Learning

The training and qualification of employees is a task that must happen frequently in any company. But traditional models of corporate education can be time-consuming and unattractive for most people. Gamification uses an innovative and simplified approach, with the aim of qualifying and training each professional more quickly, in addition to encouraging continuous learning.


Organize happy hours, launch internal promotions and communicate it. Use gamification, combining storytelling with game mechanics with daily tasks and objectives, to keep your team always up to date with your company’s internal culture and communications.

Performance monitoring

Help your team to stay focused, achieve goals and increase productivity. Develop the spirit of healthy competition to help increase people’s interaction and motivation. With gamification, you can set goals, generate recognition and engage your team by showing results achieved, observing strengths, improving and encouraging the autonomy of each team member. Thus, the day to day in your company becomes lighter and more productive.

People management

Investing in people management is extremely important for the success of your business. Therefore, using gamification tools to manage your team, from the recruitment and selection process to the day-to-day of the entire team, is very positive. Not only that, gamification also helps the work of leaders and promotes several advantages for both employees and the company.

Therefore, adopt gamification tools to stimulate progress and recognition, apply individual feedback, pointing out strengths and points that can be improved, monitor the workday, stimulate corporate education, streamline reporting and results processes and many more. 

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