5 Methodologies to help with management

Managing  your team during remote work is not as hard as you imagine. Currently, there are several tools that can help to make a good management and ensure that your employees perform their duties, and have their needs met, even working remotely.

So, how to make management in home office structure?

Find out in this article 5 methodologies that will help you.

Working hours management

The workday management is directly related to the control of the hours that employees dedicate to the company every month. By doing this control it is possible to monitor the duration of the workday, breaks and rests, vacation periods and much more.

Performance evaluation and feedback

The performance evaluation aims to analyze the performance of each employee and the entire team. It is a tool that allows to identify, diagnose and explore the behavior of each member of the team, based on all performance indicators. From this evaluation, the manager must apply the feedback and guide each person on the team in what could be improved, in addition to reinforcing the positive points and training that could be performed.

Organizational climate survey

This should be one of the main tools in management strategies in the company. The organizational climate survey identifies the degree of satisfaction and motivation of its employees. Based on information obtained from questionnaires, for example, it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses and outline the action plans that should be carried out to improve the climate in the team.


Onboarding is a management tool focused on the process of setting up and adapting a new employee to the company. In addition to the bureaucratic admission processes, it will make the new team member learn about the company as a whole (activities, team division, leaders, expectations, etc.) and feel motivated to be productive and work with good performance.

Training and development

Employees who receive training and who are encouraged to develop their skills in the company feel valued. They are also more engaged and motivated to work. Consequently, productivity and results will probably increase.

There are different ways and tools to manage the day, evaluate performance, do onboarding, train your team and do climate research. But Gamefic does all of that together, and much more. Besides, it is simple, dynamic and fun!

Gamefic is a complete management tool that can help you manage your team remotely using gamification. What does that mean? By using machine learning technology and the intelligent use of data, Gamefic unites the real and virtual worlds to help you in all management processes.

Follow the development and performance of the team in real time. Meet Gamefic.


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