5 practices to improve the organizational climate

The organizational climate is directly related to the feeling of each employee in the work environment. In other words, the organizational climate is the collective perception that employees have about the company.

Therefore, if your company is not dedicated to taking care of the people who work in the company, many problems can happen and harm your business. To avoid this, it might be interesting to apply a climate survey so that it is possible to analyze the degree of satisfaction and commitments of employees. Based on this, it is possible to identify what needs to be improved to establish well-being in the workplace.

How to improve the organizational climate in your company? Here are 5 tips for a positive organizational climate.

1.Invest on the well-being of your employees

The work routine must follow the Regulatory Norms that determine the use of comfortable and ergonomic objects and furniture, avoiding pain, injuries and discomfort that can happen during the day.

In addition, invest in health and dental plans, workplace gymnastics, relaxation and rest rooms. It may seem like a simple thing, but this is a strategy that serves to help in the motivation and well-being of your employees.

2. Encourage continuous training

Training is the best way to practise and put the team in line with the company’s procedures, processes and culture. For this, there are gamified platforms that offer practices and training in a playful way, in addition to promoting rewards for those who carry out the activities and seek constant improvement.

Another alternative is to invest in partnerships with educational institutions offering scholarships, discounts, and payment facilities. In this way, your company will be showing that it values ??its collaborators, encouraging them to learn more and more.

3. Hold socializing events

Happy hours are fundamental to the integration between  co-workers and it also contributes to make them feel close and develop team spirit.

Take advantage of these relaxed moments to reinforce the organization’s values. As a result, your employees tend to become more engaged and motivated.

During the home office, online events are a good choice!

4. Bet on the decoration of the environment

The decoration of your company’s physical space also influences the organizational climate. Many companies bet on a more cheerful and relaxed decoration to motivate employees.

Colorful walls and furniture are stimulating, attract attention and reduce tension during the workday.

5. Use gamification to encourage healthy competitiveness

Gamification is a strategy that uses the dynamics of games in corporate activities, such as training, onboarding, internal communication, feedback and more.

With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, gamification encourages and engages employees, transforming tasks that could be monotonous and stressful into playful and interactive experiences.

Investing in gamified tools, such as Gamefic, stimulates competitiveness between teams in a healthy way, fulfilling tasks, solving problems, accelerating learning and increasing results.

It is still possible to value the commitment, behavior and participation of each employee through the rankings and awards. In this way, the team feels more motivated and productive in a more relaxed environment.

How about investing in a gamified management tool? Visit Gamefic and take a free trial.


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