6 reasons to apply gamification in your sales team

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The sales team is the driving force of a company. His existence has great responsibility for an organization’s revenue and earnings. Maybe that’s why the work environment is so loaded, full of pressure and demands.

After all, you need to meet goals day after day. As they say, it’s tense!

Despite this, the sales environment can be lighter and more dynamic. This is thanks to gamification, a motivating, engaging tool that is becoming a mandatory item in strategies that seek to stimulate and evolve teams.

What is Gamification

We talk a lot about gamification here, right ?!

Gamification is the use of game elements and techniques in environments such as a company, for example. It helps to bring the daily situations of a team to a more dynamic environment that provides evolution.

This tool is used not only in companies, but also in purchasing processes and even in e-learning.

And what are the benefits in fact?

Gamification gains more and more space in companies for being effective.

Business games bring benefits such as:

  • Greater engagement;
  • Healthy environment;
  • Commitment to results;
  • More dynamic processes;
  • Healthy competitiveness.

Gamification and the sales team

You can already understand that gamification has the potential to help implement a new routine and way of working in sales teams, right?

And you may be asking yourself now: but what characteristics will gamification improve my sales team’s environment?

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about now.

The use of games in business environments, in this case, in a sales team, is capable of:

1 – Give more dynamism to the workday

The games are made in stages, and each one represents a set of tasks that the team must perform. The execution becomes more dynamic when visualizing the progress and the importance of that activity through the game.

2 – Increases motivation and engagement

Every game has a scoreboard and a winner. And everyone comes in to win. In other words, gamification encourages healthy competition and motivates participants to always do their best to be ahead of the scoreboard.

Still, it is a tool aimed at performing tasks in an environment with less pressure.

3 – Provides learning

By having access to the scoreboard, individuals have access to the real level of commitment to the objectives and understand where their performance should improve. In addition to the distribution of levels, it facilitates the perception of the whole, of the purposes placed on each objective, increasing the employee’s learning.

4 – Encourages professional development

Gamification is a powerful feedback tool. The platforms provide a dynamic interaction between leaders and teams instantly. Therefore, a good performance can be noticed immediately.

In this way, participants feel more engaged when they realize that their efforts are being recognized.

5 – Increases productivity

At the end of a game, every winner has a reward. To motivate teams to be more productive, the gamification process is no different. Every achievement or goal completion generates a small reward, to be shared on the platform, or exchanged for benefits within the game itself.

However, there is also a bigger goal, so a bigger reward. That could be from a trip to a new cell phone. Maybe even a week’s vacation? In fact, we have also talked about how to boost sales teams.

6 – Equal opportunities

Gamification creates equal opportunities for everyone to win. After all, everyone plays within the same rule, with the same goals and execution times. This helps to better organize the teams and generates a sense of greater commitment to the execution of activities.

A new routine that generates new results

Finally, gamification transforms the work environment of sales teams. Motivates and engages, improves the feeling of belonging and provides better relationships between team members and also between managers and teams.

The routine of using games makes everyone on the team develop new habits. That is, the sale is no longer an obligation and becomes a desire. Having to do something becomes wanting to do.

Learn more about gamification techniques and the benefits it provides for organizations in the articles on our blog. Visit Gamefic.

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