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We know that today, several people are connected on the Internet, accessing social networks, sending e-mails, receiving messages and making video conferences through a smartphone. It is a fact that this technology at hand has made life easier for many managers, mainly with the use of management applications to monitor the results.

Discover 10 management applications that are sensational to keep control of your company, even when away from the office.

Time and productivity management applications


Trello is a great tool for organizing tasks and projects. You can integrate with GoogleDrive and share documents, images and more. In addition, it also allows the user to modify assignments, update status of ongoing tasks and receive notifications. The application is available for iOS, Android and desktop, and has free and paid versions.


An excellent meeting application, GoToMetting allows you to create meeting rooms for videoconferencing meetings with up to 25 people. This app has several tools for presentations and sharing commands between participants. Another amazing feature is the possibility to save the meeting in the cloud to share with those who could not be present. GoToMeeting is free and can be used on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Operational management applications

Consult CPF / CNPJ

It is the ideal solution for companies that need agility, security and mobility when granting credit and consultation at Serasa. Available for Android only.

Survey Monkey

With this application you can write and prepare questionnaires and surveys in minutes. In addition, it is possible to send the questionnaires to anyone via the web, email or through social media. Monitor responses in real time and turn your data into practical insights. Application available for iOS and Android.


That’s right! This app allows you to make the point control of your employees in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Labor. Record a workday, insert appointments in the agenda and track the location of employees through GPS, which can be very useful for external appointments, for example, as well as for employee safety. Available for iOS and Android.


Leading application in CRM control, with it you can monitor the service of your customers. Track products, solutions and services from the arrival or launch to the time of sale and closing the contract. With it, it is possible to generate reports and also set up alerts for when the objectives and goals are not achieved. Available for Android and iOS.

Sales control

As the name implies, this is a very simple app for tracking your sales. It is possible to create a customer and sales register, receive billing notifications, issue full reports and back up data. Excellent choice for small businesses. Available for Android.


Complete platform for people management at a distance available for Android, iOS and desktop. With Gamefic you enjoy a system based on the gamification of the process to engage and empower your employees and consequently increase your sales and beat your goals.

Receive performance reports and key indicators for the best management of your business. Count on our technology developed from machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer real-time feedback to your employees in order to improve their performance.

Take advantage of technology to assist in the management of your business, exploring every function and ease access. Visit Gamefic blog to stay on top of this and other tips for your business.

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