7 Ways to Boost Your Sales Time Results

Boosting a sales team’s results is definitely not an easy task.

It is normal to imagine the work environment of sales teams always loaded with pressure and demands. Because it is usually what happens.

Impossible goals, impatient managers because the numbers are far from efficient, there are even cases of threat. For sure, these are negative factors for anyone’s motivation and performance.

But calm down there. This is not a rule. And yes, it is quite possible to build a healthy and productive organizational climate.

Why is it important to motivate your team?

Every job has the potential to become demotivating. And the causes are diverse:

  • Toxic work environment
  • Lack of recognition
  • Repetitive work
  • Lack of career path
  • Excess pressure
  • Lack of integration between teams

However, some practices can help both the leadership and the followers. In this way, productivity increases, motivation becomes routine and the results for all parties will be satisfactory.

So, how to motivate a sales team?

First of all, motivation is something that must be rooted in organizational culture. After all, lucky results are rare to happen.

Thinking about it, we have separated some valuable tips that can generate incredible results and boost your sales team results.

1. Create a healthy work environment

As we said earlier, the work environment must be healthy. After all, the main function of the sales team is exhausting in nature. In this case, investment in structure for employees is essential.

A communication model that favors dialogue and empathy brings much more results.

2. Real goals

Don’t force unachievable results!

The planning of goals must be in accordance with the reality of the sales team.

For example, the S.M.A.R.T. is used to prevent goals from being drawn down in a generic way. That is, the standard generates control and offers a realistic view of the work to be done.

The S.M.A.R.T. consists of goals, specific (Specific), measurable (Masurable), attainable (Attainable), relevant (Relevant) and with definite time (Time-based)

Finally, creating impossible goals creates wear and tear, leaving the work environment heavy and the sales team unmotivated.

3. Training

Another way to boost the sales team is to encourage professional growth and the evolution of knowledge.

A capable and trained team performs tasks with more confidence. Even more, they feel more comfortable to carry out the work, with more productivity and consequently the results and goals will be more easily achieved.

The investment in training brings new cultural values, brings the relationship between managers and teams closer, increases trust and the feeling of appreciation on the part of the company.

4. Rewards

The reward is one of the most used ways to recognize the sales team. But the cash bonus is not always what the team needs. Each team can be motivated differently: with a trip, a new cell phone, or even a few days off.

That is why it is essential to know the profile of employees to offer a really attractive reward that motivates the team to meet the goals.

5. Feedback

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of feedback here.

Every day, its effectiveness in motivating teams is proven. Before even demanding results, the manager must give feedback on the individual’s performance.

Once people in the sales team understand their successes and mistakes, they tend to seek improvements in performance and productivity, seeking to constantly and quickly achieve goals.

6. Gamification

Games are part of the new team motivation and engagement strategies.

Corporate gamification is the innovation of people management. The competitive instinct of the human being is present at all times. And gaming platforms bring out the best in competitiveness, without losing their companionship and focus on the mission.

With the Gamefic platform, for example, managers are able to encourage their teams through instant feedback and rewards within the game itself.

The interaction between individuals and the recognition of a good job make gamification a sure bet to stimulate employees and increase productivity.

7. Transparency and celebration of results

We already said that the reward is important, right?

But it’s not just the final award that matters. With each goal or objective exceeded, it is necessary to celebrate with the team. Thus, the leadership shows that it values ??all the effort of the team and gives importance to all the necessary steps until reaching the final goal.

Finally, transparency with results, attitudes and dialogue between those involved is extremely important for teams to integrate and motivate day after day, to face the objectives and accumulate satisfactory results.

As we said at the beginning, boosting and engaging sales teams is challenging. However, constant attitudes that stimulate growth are among the main strategies for successful team motivation.

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