Acknowledgments and rewards: how to do from a distance?

Promoting recognition and reward actions for employees, especially during this period of remote work, is an initiative capable of keeping your team motivated, engaged and in line with your company’s objectives.

It is essential to show professionals that the company values ??them, needs their talents and invests in their skills to achieve success. And how is it possible to do during remote work?

Some of the actions that can be used to promote recognition and rewards in the workplace are:

Performance compliments

People like to be recognized and valued for the good work done, or even for simple actions carried out throughout the day. That is why leaders need to create the habit of giving feedback for every team member. The compliment establishes a reciprocal relationship in the team, encouraging employees to keep doing a good job, producing better and getting results.

Feedback culture

Feedback is to talk with the team about their productivity, processes, results and indicators. It must be seen as a method of development for each employee and also as a way of promoting a healthy work environment. Conduct continuous feedback transparently, maintain dialogue, cooperation and recognition for each person on your team.

Daily recognition

The recognition of collaborators encourages people to develop professionally  in challenging tasks. It is essential that managers identify opportunities for recognition and do not leave out incentive actions. In this way, employees will be more dedicated to carrying out their tasks, increasing productivity, improving the organizational climate, reducing turnover and attracting new talent.

Leadership access

In the office or working remotely, managers must be accessible for their team to contact, answer questions, or even talk about casualties. It is really important to be a leader who is present and gives confidence to the team. It is essential to maintain the unity of the group, especially in this period of home office.

Gamification, recognitions and rewards

The practices mentioned here will bring the group of employees a sense of belonging. However there are some tools for people management available on the market that will assist the companies in this matter.

Gamefic is a tool developed with game mechanisms for people management. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to put together data and performance indicators of team members and thus create challenges for employees to remain engaged.

As they reach their goals, they receive praise and feedback in real time. The best daily performances can be shared. And, in addition, it has a communication platform where it is possible to post, comment and share ideas and suggestions to improve the team’s performance, thus being a channel for access to the leaders.

Gamefic is ideal for gathering and viewing production metrics from a distance. Your company can stand out in the market. In a playful and interesting way, it is a great option to engage, recognize talent and promote competition. Consequently, it is possible to expand the sense of accomplishment and make employees willing to go further, seeking fulfillment of deliveries, carrying out training programs and encouraging cooperation.
buscando o cumprimento de entregas, realização de programas de treinamento e incentivar a cooperação. 

Are you curious to know what else Gamefic can offer to your company? Take a free trial and find out how to take the relationship with your employees to the next level.


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