Best reasons for encouraging games in the workplace?

Creating a fun, enjoyable and productive workplace is a dream for many companies and employees. That is why many businesses have started to bet and encourage games in the workplace. Do you know why? Because they are an excellent alternative to engage and motivate your entire work team.

Do not think that is the preference only of large and modern companies. Even the most conservative companies are opening their minds and the space for innovative and creative methods to adapt their daily lives, mainly to assist in people management.

Do you know what gamification is?

Gamification is the application of game mechanisms and strategies in different contexts, such as in corporate environments. With a gamified platform is possible to create avatars, determine scores and phases in work activities. The main purpose is to make daily activities more motivating and fun.

In this way, gamification helps to stimulate team work, bring employees closer together, in addition to valuing the professional, because this method allows to demonstrate how important each one is to achieve the company’s victory and success.

The games are used to help in collaborative activities, but is also possible to encourage competition between participants. Competitive games help to evaluate performance, encourage work improvement and analyze the behavior of each employee and the entire team.

Therefore, the application of gamification must follow the same precepts of games: it is necessary to establish clear rules, with objectives and goals to be achieved, as well as the reward at the end of each phase / goal achieved. Thus, employees will feel more engaged and satisfied to meet their work goals.

What are the advantages of gamification at work?

According to the author of the book 301 Ways To Have Fun At Work, Dave Hemsath, fun is the most important thing for a successful organization. Thus, it is possible to identify that companies that adopted gamification and / or invested in spaces for games, had greater job satisfaction and increased employee satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition, there are other advantages that can be observed:

Increases engagement

To implement games in the work environment improves employee engagement, due to the fact that it encourages collaborative and competitive practices, such as scores, recognitions, and individual or collective incentives.

Motivation to achieve the goals

To improve a team’s performance and productivity, it is important to set clear goals, showing what needs to be achieved.

Stimulates learning

Gamification tends to attract the attention of employees and facilitate the process of training and retraining (tipo reciclagem), in a more pleasant way.

Constructive feedback

Gamification encourages the constant evolution of each player, with new phases and new challenges. For this evolution to occur, it is necessary to apply a system of punctual and constructive feedback for performance self-assessments. Because it allows employees to develop and learn from their own actions.

How about using games to improve performance and management in your company? Get to know Gamefic and see how to engage your employees and improve your results.


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