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Call Center: increase productivity with gamification

Many businesses have invested in the use of gamification, even the call center. The logic of games has been implemented in the business sector to increase the engagement and motivation of professionals. And that’s not all. Gamification transforms the work routine, which in many cases can be tiring and stressful, into something more playful and fun.

Call center work is considered one of the most stressful jobs today. For this reason, the customer service sector must be constantly stimulated to maintain the engagement and motivation of employees. And this is how gamification makes all the difference.

With gamification, employees often do not even realize that they are involved in a network of gamified strategies, they just feel motivated to do more.

4 steps to gamify the call center

First of all, to be successful in the application of gamification, it is necessary to define which KPIs (performance indicators) are most relevant within each scenario. In addition, using the game metrics to motivate the generation of results is also a good idea for call center companies to improve the quality of service and decrease turnover.

Do you want to increase productivity in the call center? See how to gamify the call center:


Through an interesting and playful interface, it is possible to guide the player to perform the necessary tasks. Therefore, your game needs to be interactive and easy to understand. The rules of the game, as well as the indicators, need to be clear to all your employees, otherwise they will ignore your initiative.


Demonstrating individual and team results through the game can be more enjoyable for the player. Performance spreadsheets, common to be shared in teams, are often boring and tiring to consult.

With gamification it is possible to list these results in a more playful way to the team. Do not think that the spreadsheets will be extinguished. They will continue to be available for management analysis. However, by demonstrating the performance of employees through the game and in real time, it is possible to motivate them to achieve the expected performance goals.


Gamified management platforms, such as Gamefic, are able to offer real-time feedback to players. Thus, the employee understands the reason for his results, and is directed to work on specific points, through training and qualifications to improve in the next jobs.

Recognition and Rewards

In order to promote healthy competition among team members, it is also possible to rank the results. Thus, the recognition of the best performances is carried out.

With this idea there is also the award for goals achieved. It is possible to use this technique to generate engagement between team members. For this, disclose the rewards and prizes that will be offered to those who meet certain goals.

Did you see how gamification can help to increase the productivity of the call center? So, how about doing a test? Try Gamefic for free and learn how to engage employees, encourage competitiveness and cooperation, create achievable goals and, finally, have a winning team!

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