Corporate training: how to use technology to your advantage

Treinamentos corporativos

It is the end of the corporate training that happened in closed rooms, presentation of endless slides and a great dose of sleep.

With the advance of technology, everything has become more dynamic. It is now possible to present customizable and motivating content for teams to participate more in this important learning tool: corporate training.

Thus, there is a gain for the company and employees. One side benefits from the acquisition of new knowledge and career development, the other benefits from increased performance and engagement within corporate activities.

Training in the current scenario

The world changes constantly. The evolution in work relations and the speed in which things happen, require a constant adaptation of the professional in the corporate environment.

However, these changes require even more effective time management. After all, it is necessary to deliver results and still find time to participate in training.

According to Deloitte data, during working hours, we are interrupted, on average, every 5 minutes. And about 66% of people say they don’t have enough time to finish the job.

In fact, another impressive fact is: in general, professionals dedicate only 1% of their time to development and training. This represents around 24 minutes a week.

How is technology in favor of training?

Technology offers one of the most desired items by professionals: mobility and autonomy. This is essential to be applied in corporate training and team development.

In addition, it also provides:

1. Acceleration and precision in development

One of the great benefits is the availability of corporate training on digital platforms.

With that, each person can evolve in their own way, in their time. In addition, digital training tends to be much faster and involves much more employees in a session than in a classroom, in face-to-face studies.

It is a way to optimize the development of teams, saving time and reducing costs.

2. Easy measurement

The use of specific platforms for corporate training also facilitates people management. Once participants’ performance indicators increase, it is possible to understand the real effectiveness and impact that the training is causing.

Furthermore, it is possible to make small adjustments to make learning more and more fluid, increasing the engagement in participation and the results obtained.

3. Personalization of content and increased performance

The facility to use these tools also allows a variety of customizable content to be made, according to each group of needs in the organization.

In this way, corporate training goes straight to the point: specific content, for the right people.

4. Greater engagement of participants

With targeted, dynamic content and the necessary mobility, the involvement of participants in corporate training tends to improve.

The exchange of a dark room with slides for an integrating and motivating environment, increases the level of interest and engagement. Consequently, the results also evolve!

Gamefic: a facilitator of corporate training

This type of technology has been even more important after pandemic times. After all, many companies are operating in a home office regime. Some of them even intend to adopt this work format permanently.

In this case, having tools that allow the development and management of people at a distance is even more productive.

The Gamefic platform, for example, provides scenarios that meet the benefits mentioned above.

Easy Management

With the Gamefic platform, corporate training can be updated at all times.

Managers have access to insert new material and relevant content, questionnaires and other challenges to test their teams. In this way, it is possible to maintain a high level of updating.

Gamified trainings

Gamification allows differentiated dynamics for employees. The use of game elements facilitates the retention of attention and, consequently, increases the level of learning.

The evolution of knowledge is measured by scoreboards, and this is a motivation trigger for participants to dedicate themselves to the maximum.

Recognition and satisfaction

Furthermore, there is the benefit of instant communication between managers and teams. In this way, it is possible to implement the feedback culture more forcefully. Since good performances and results can be recognized and rewarded within the platform.

Finally, technology is already guaranteed presence in the corporate training of the main companies that seek the development of their teams.

As we have shown, the benefits for companies and employees are great. It is especially important to understand the needs of the organization and the teams in order to apply the technology correctly and make corporate training increasingly efficient and productive.

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