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Digital transformation: how it affects all sectors of your company

You may have heard of digital transformation, but do you know what is it? No? So, check it out in this article.

Digital transformation is nothing more than the transformation of physical companies into digital companies, becoming more effective and efficient. But for this to be possible, the help of systems for digitizing and automating processes is necessary.

Do not think that only the administrative sectors benefit from this. Quite the opposite. All departments of the company are impacted, regardless of the type of business, from the most traditional to the most technological.

To stand out as a digital company, it is important to remember that it is necessary to reinvent yourself. In this process of reinvention, it is extremely important to change the famous mindset of its employees and the organizational culture. The focus should be on innovation, the use of technology and, above all, the user experience.

Impacts of digital transformation in the various sectors of companies

When well structured and applied, the digital transformation generates positive impacts in the sectors of production, marketing, sales, finance, accounting and in the management of human resources of companies.


In the Production sector, automation generates changes in how to produce and deliver products in addition to monitoring investments in the area. In this way, it is possible to identify what needs to be changed to deliver a better user experience to the consumer.

Marketing and Sales

In the Marketing and Sales sector the application of technology is made in order to understand consumer behavior to improve their experience and retain customers. The automation of service and the monitoring and analysis of the sales funnel data are applications of this type of transformation in this sector.

Finance and Accounting

In the Finance and Accounting sector, it is possible to reduce the bureaucracy of processes with the adoption of digital signatures. The digital signature is a validation method that replaces physical authentication. Linked to digital storage, they have a great impact on the environment, since document storage becomes digital.

Human resource Management:

In the Human Resources sector, with the application of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to select and retain talents for your company. There are software and technological solutions on the market, such as Gamefic, to manage, engage your employees and, consequently, increase sales.

Digital Transformation came to bring the consumer closer to your brand. Don’t think that just because you’re not a big company like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify that you don’t have the ability to embark on this. Also be part of your audience’s daily life. Wake up to this new era and find out how you can follow the same path to not stop in time.

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