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Employee training: how to maintain the frequency at the home office

We are currently at home, in social distance and working in a home office regime. This is a delicate and challenging time, especially for managers who need to lead and train their team.

To keep employees motivated is not an easy task, especially during remote work . To stimulate each team member so they are always up to date and at the same time keep the frequency of their activities and training, is an even greater responsibility.

For this reason, many companies and managers are using tools to deal with this new scenario and keep their team’s training up to date. Do you want to know how to maintain the frequency of training of your team during the home office? So keep reading this article.

Use knowledge pills

Knowledge pills are homeopathic doses of information each day, it is a training format with short contents easy to understand. In this way, each employee can learn a little bit every day, reinforce strategic content or even remember tips with important information.

Create Infographics

The infographic is a tool used to facilitate the understanding of a content through a schematic design. It is ideal for exemplifying and demonstrating procedures and processes, differentiating concepts, comparing data and presenting an overview of the whole.

Bet on Rapid Learning

Rapid Learning is a method used in e-learning platforms, with the aim of increasing productivity, engagement and the speed of learning of employees. The content follows a linear, gradual sequence, making the training happen in a direct and objective way.

Open the camera and show up

Staying in social distance for so long and working in front of a screen can be stressful and tiring. One way to stimulate the training of your team, is having you as a tutor to teach them a certain content or procedure by video calls. Having this type of contact with the team is a way of interacting with everyone and shows that you are present at the same time that stimulates the learning process. In addition to humanizing the training, with real examples and solving doubts on the time.

Have fun with gamification

Who said training can’t be fun? Use gamification systems to increase engagement and encourage your employees during the learning process. This is an excellent way to empower your team, promoting healthy competition, using even points and rewards, as well as personalized and instant feedback.

Gamefic is a management tool that encourages constant training and helps managers to provide support materials, questionnaires, videos and all to keep the team always trained and on top of news, even during the home office.

Do you want to know more? Visit Gamefic.

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