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Gamification and the culture

In a company where it is necessary to keep the team engaged so it is possible to see improvement on the activities and increase of the company’s revenue, the culture of results, without a doubt, is a reflection of a more complete management. The culture of results arises when the small tasks performed by each employee become part of a result sought by all. 

To establish a culture of results which boosts the teams´ engagement in a moment where most of the companies are working in a home office format and employees are physically distant, it is necessary, first of all, to establish clear goals. When the employee knows what he is looking for and what he needs to do to achieve the results determined by the company, his effort becomes natural. It is necessary that each one understand their potential in the search for the common goal. Thus, everyone will feel like an important part of the organization.

Different results for different companies types

Each business has a different profile, with different goals to be achieved. Therefore, it is important to get to know the results wanted by the company. Thus, it is possible to define the indicators to be analyzed – whether they are efficiency, productivity or quality, for example. The advantage of doing this is the possibility of observing individual and team performance using the proposed indicators.

Competitiveness and Autonomy

Competitiveness within the team can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the workplace if not applied correctly. Using a gamification platform helps everyone to understand the importance of achieving a common goal. That is how it is possible to generate a culture of results where each person understands the value that their work has to achieve the proposed objective. 

Gamification brings fun because the job is led by a game, without the imposition of strict ways of working in which each employee knows what he needs to do and knows the time he needs to do it. Autonomy that makes everyone feel comfortable while delivering satisfactory results.

Gamification as a culture of results during the home office era

With the pandemic, companies had to reinvent their processes in order to mitigate internal impacts and survive the economic instability. Remote work has become the most viable option to avoid contagion, in addition to reducing costs.

However, much more than adapting, this process generates results while fixing one of the problems that appears from the pandemic in the workplace. Productivity and engagement is key to keep companies profitable. For this, it is essential to adapt innovative management tools to the organizational culture.

Since it generates a culture of results and promotes the constant motivation of employees, gamification is a tool that is already widely used by large companies such as Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Nestlé, PayPal and American Airlines. It has shown to be really efficient as it keeps the team engaged and trained. 

In addition, it allows an analysis of individual and team performance according to the expected results of each one. The proposal is the integration of games into the organizational environment. Through the playful environment provided by the games, gamification creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among employees.

Meet Gamefic

Gamefic was created to improve business management techniques by applying gamification concepts in the daily life of organizations. It is an evolution of current management models that helps to implement a gamification culture in companies, which is able to promote engagement while increasing results.

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