How can gamification help to create a corporate culture

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We have already spoken here and we are not tired of repeating it. Gamification has increasingly been a fundamental part of companies’ strategies.

And although it can be seen as a great tool for solving problems with sales teams or engaging teams, gamification has an incredible power to create a new organizational culture, capable of transforming procedures and definitely increasing the productivity of those involved.

In this text, we are going to talk about the impacts that the use of this tool causes and all the benefits that a company can enjoy from the correct implementation.

Gamification and the corporate culture

At this point, we must remember that gamification is not a strategy for distracting teams or to entertain employees in the organization.

Its use must have a technical bias and be exploited to the maximum to obtain the benefits for the development of practices, processes and people.

The application of elements and principles of games guarantees more effective learning and an even greater evolution of skills and competences on the part of users. In this way, productivity is beneficially affected and the results start to be noticed immediately.

Initial impacts

In this way, gamification begins to show its impacts on the way the company is seen, that is, an organization that invests in innovation and technology.

In addition, it will be possible to feel the improvement of the work environment, more collaborative and dynamic, with lighter people and internalizing healthy competition.

A start for creating a corporate culture

Now, let’s understand why gamification can collaborate to create a stronger corporate culture. After all, it is a tool that is usually seen and hired for specific solutions.

Here, we want to show other benefits and impacts that are perceived with the continuous use of the tool and with the exploitation of all the opportunities that it brings to the organization.

Team motivation

One of the changes that gamification promotes is about motivation, engagement and involvement. Its use promotes interaction between people, leaders and teams, because it enables talk more clearly and the interaction becomes lighter. Consequently, there is a gain in productivity.

Time management

The use of the gaming platform assists in time management for the execution of tasks, one of the main points of attention for companies.

In this case, leaderboards are management allies. Also, the player’s score will be according to the performance and completion of the task during the stipulated time. In this way, users are more committed to carrying out activities within the stipulated time, seeking a greater reward in the platform.

Project organization

Projects can also be better organized with the platform. Gamification not only contributes to the organization, but also facilitates the visualization of objectives, which considerably decreases the chance of failure.


The feedback culture is strengthened with the constant use of the tool. The gamification platform allows instant feedback and recognition. In this way, any good performance can be noticed on time, further motivating other users to earn their own praise.

Learning and training

Gamification also strengthens an important par of any organization: the professional development of employees. It is a very important tool for learning and training teams.

The playful and dynamic way of presenting content and the way in which learning is put into practice makes the platform even more effective for the development of teams.

Furthermore, it is a differential for retaining and acquiring new talents.

Recognition and appreciation

Games allow users to try to find solutions and lessen the fear of making mistakes. It is always important to give a second chance for learning and to be even more profitable.

And so, it is possible to value the effort and offer rewards on the platform to mark well-executed tasks and satisfactory performances.

As we have seen, gamification can help to create a strong, solid and innovative organizational culture. It is a management and learning tool, which must be aligned with the company’s objectives and not be used only as a distraction.

As in any game, practice brings perfection. Gamification in corporate culture is no different. Its use must be constant and intelligent. Until the practices become commonplace, part of the company’s culture.

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