How does gamification facilitates and improves the work of HR

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Increasing productivity and keeping teams engaged is a constant HR challenge.

So, that famous thought that says that expecting different results by doing the same actions makes a lot of sense.

That is why the RH 4.0 revolution is so important. The search for innovation and automation of processes helps in the development of the organization and in a better structuring of departments.

In this way, it is possible to have a better view of the whole and thus, HR has more information to study and understand the points that must be improved.

Gamification, in turn, is part of this revolution and is increasingly present within corporate strategies. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

HR challenges

The biggest struggle in the people management sector is to find effective solutions to engage and motivate employees.

Likewise, the HR revolution also seeks to improve strategies for retaining and acquiring new talent, in addition to creating a healthy, respectful, innovative and creative work environment.

The time has passed when social gatherings, memos and financial incentives were sure ways to bring relaxation to the work environment and encourage employees to continue with their tasks.

The evolution of ways of working calls for new solutions, more intelligent and that offer something that the employee takes from learning or evolution.

Therefore, gamification comes with good credentials and innovative strategies to facilitate the work of people management.

Gamification solutions

Gamification is an aggregator of values ??in everyday business. The use of games in the work environment brings many benefits.

In addition to the new dynamics for processes, HR is also favored by the various performance indicators generated by gamification platforms. In this way, making decisions for solutions to possible problems is much easier.

See below a list some of the improvements that gamification causes in HR and the environment.

Motivation and engagement

Gamification brings game elements and mechanics to everyday corporate life. This means that there are clear rules, goals and objectives. The gamified environment and a personalized narrative attracts the user’s attention, keeps the focus and brings more productivity to the activities.

Professional training

Much more than entertainment, the tool is an important ally in the development of people. Its versatility allows training and qualifications to be created in a gamified way. A great solution to train teams, offering exclusive content and experiences.

Healthy competitiveness

Every game has a scoreboard, a winner. Gamification is no different. It promotes healthy competition among users and also contributes to professional development and the evolution of learning.

Clear and objective communication

Still, the tool allows more intense communication between leaders and followers. This makes it easier to recognize good performances through instant feedback and reward achievements with rewards at each level of the challenges.

Organizational climate

With objective communication and an innovative environment, the organizational climate tends to become lighter and healthier. Users end up creating a network of cooperation and unity to solve problems in the company.

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