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How management tools improves the results of the company

The digital transformation changed how society lives, studies and work. It is common to ask what is the best way to manage in a home office model. After all, it is no longer possible to control people at work all the time. Managers need to be prepared to use technology and management tools to facilitate the transition process from face-to-face work to remote work.

We have compiled some of the best management tools available on the market to help you manage the projects of your company as well as bring team collaboration during remote work.

Task management tools:

With Trello boards, lists and cards, you can organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

  • Trello: is a fun, flexible and rewarding way to manage. Trello platform allows you to organize and prioritize each step of a project.You can  monitor the team’s member productivity, comment on each task, create notes and more.  
  • Monday: This is a more complete tool than Trello and is designed for management project stages. It allows you to create ways of team management tasks, such as the Kanban method. It is also possible to create automations for the development of a project that has many stages.

Video conferencing tools

Communicating actively with your team to conduct meetings, answer questions, give feedback, check the whereabouts and activities of the employees is extremely important to the health of your business. Physical isolation does not mean virtual isolation and communication is essential to follow up in times like this. 

Check some tools that can help you in this matter:

  • Zoom: There are situations that can only be resolved with a meeting that allows us to discuss something face to face . In a home office model the way of doing that is through a videoconference. Zoom is a perfect tool because it allows you to meet with one or even more people. In addition, you can record a meeting and share the video with your entire team.
  • Slack: It is a communication platform that works as a virtual work environment.  You can use it to communicate with your team in group or with each employee separately. You can also customize the communication channels with themes according to the client, subject or project.

File and document sharing tools

  • GoogleDrive: is a file storage that you can access files and documents without having programs like Excel, Word and Powerpoint installed on your computer. There is a range of applications that offers editing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. In addition, it is possible to give instant feedback and edit a file from different dispositives at the same time.
  • Dropbox: It is also one of the most popular tools for storing files and documents just like GoogleDrive. There are  free versions up to 15GB available.

Productivity management tools:

If you, as a manager, needs to monitor your team’s productivity in real time and have reports of their activities, you should try to use a platform capable of boosting your results, such as machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. Gamefic is a management tool based on the concept of gamification which promotes collaboration and increases the efficiency of the team.

Using a platform like Gamefic is the best strategy to manage team members who are working virtually and remotely, because it is capable of presenting a broad and complete view of the team’s performance, while increasing engagement and stimulating productivity.

Through machine learning the tool analyzes the users’ profile, being able to understand their usage patterns. This way, the system collects important information to be able to assist managers in their decision making. The system organizes the data collected in order with Machine Learning through automatic and personalized predictions and recommendations.  This way you can use information to boost your results. 

Practices created from scratch are available to the whole team in a fast, simple and practical way. So it is possible to guarantee its effectiveness even from distance and reduced cost.

Gamefic platform allows you to communicate with your team. You can post, comment, like and share content. It is an information spot that keeps all the participants updated about the company and encourages sharing and engagement among employees.

And more, any move can receive real-time feedback, such as  training and rewards. It is perfect for remote work, keeping everyone on the team in tune.

Have you considered using any of these strategies? Be prepared for the future of work and new management models. Adopt a persuasive technology in your business and see the difference in the behavior of your  employees and in the results of your company. 

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