How recognition affects employee productivity

Shall we make a simple analysis?

Every company seeks satisfactory results. The results appear according to the employee’s productivity. So, what is the value of recognition in this equation?

In fact, we are going to talk about the importance of recognition in the workplace and how it affects the productivity of teams.

Recognition: why does it affect employee productivity so much?

This is directly related to the functioning of the brain.

Studies prove the influence that recognition has on human psychology. For example, when a person (in this case, the manager) gives a compliment, the complemented person (in this case, the employee) releases a substance called dopamine, also known as “pleasure hormone”.

The immediate impact is mood regulation, increased attention and memory.

Factors like these affect employee productivity directly. Since he has high self-esteem, is motivated and happy. That is, recognition is able to increase creativity and creates stimulus so that the person feels comfortable and confident to face the challenges.

After all, how to recognize employees?

We already know that recognition is effective and affects positively employee productivity. But how to do this efficiently?

  1. Dialogue

Employee productivity may not be linear. After all, the human being has feelings and motivations that interfere with his actions.

Thus, it is important that the manager talks to understand the employee’s moment. This way, he will feel welcomed and comfortable to talk. Once situations are resolved, everyone tends to be more productive.

  1. Feedback culture

O feedback é um dos fatores decisivos neste processo. Ter uma cultura de retorno às práticas dos colaboradores é fundamental para que o funcionário entenda seus erros, acertos e pontos de melhora. 

Feedback is one of the decisive factors in this process. Having a culture of feedback is essential so employees can understand their mistakes, successes and points for improvement.

Feeding employees with information about performance makes them feel motivated to overcome their own results.

  1. Encouraging well-being

That saying “healthy mind, healthy body” is worth to bring when it comes to productivity. Although it is not a return on something done at work, the incentive to leisure is also a form of recognition.

Thus, the manager shows concern for the employee’s well-being, who, rested, will be more committed to the results.

  1. Inspiration

Employee productivity is also linked to what inspires you. A manager who takes inspiration, guarantees an increase of employee productivity.

Gamification as a form of recognition

The use of games is an innovative way to recognize employees. Since the actions are monitored in real time by managers and the rewards can be made instantly.

Gamefic, for example, has a platform that favors interaction and feedback.

Through the timeline, it is possible for the manager to praise an employee’s action, motivate a team and encourage the team to increase productivity.

On gaming platforms, coins and medals in the virtual environment are the most common ways to recognize good performance. The culture of recognition must be applied to any organization that wants to evolve processes and increase the motivation and productivity of employees.

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