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How to be productive in a Home Office Structure?

We have been in quarantine for more than six months and during this period many professionals have changed their work routine. The moment demands calm and prudence to maintain health, and at the same time, achieve progress on the work.


For this reason, many companies have adopted the home office as a strategy to maintain their businesses. This work model has become a crucial alternative to face the current pandemic situation.

But how to be productive in home office?? Here are some tips for you:


Establish your workplace

Choose a room in the house to be your workplace and organize everything you need to carry out your activities. The best is a quiet, airy and well-lit place. Remember to treat your home office like a real office.


Get ready to work

Wake up early, have your breakfast and get ready just like you would go to the office. There is no need to put on your best work clothes, but your brain needs to identify that you are there to work and not on your day off.


Establish your work hours

Set up your work schedule. Your daily workday should be similar to that practiced in your company. Then, define starting time, lunch, breaks, and a finishing time.


Avoid distractions

TV, cell phone, children, pets are some of the distractions you usually have at home. Therefore, choose a place to work without distractions and interruptions. Talk to everyone at home and make it clear that despite of you being at home, you are working.


Keep in touch with your team

Talk and interact with yours bosses, colleagues, customers and suppliers whenever is necessary. It is very important that communication flows naturally during this period. But beware! It is not because people are at home that they are available 24 hours per day.

Have a to do list 

Discipline is the keyword. Have a list of tasks to do during the day and do it. That way you stay productive and disciplined, even working from the comfort of your home.


Take breaks

During your working hours is important to take breaks and rest. After all, it is essential to relax, stretch your back, improve circulation and avoid spending many hours with your eyes glued in the computer screen. You and your body deserve a break.


Maintain human contact

Working from home can be lonely for some people, so avoid total isolation and whenever possible keep in touch with colleagues, customers, boss and friends by phone or video calls in your day-to-day work. 


Keep your workplace organized

Just like in your conventional workplace, your home office should also be clean and organized to facilitate your routine and increase your productivity.


Get off work at the end of the day

Is your work hours over? So, get up and leave the chosen place as your home office, even if it stays in your home. Just like at the company’s office, you have time to start and end your work.


Now that you know how to be productive during your home office, take the opportunity to practice our tips.

Remember: this social distancing will not last forever. 

Get organized. Adapt. Stay at home.


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