How to define the best indicators to have a successful sales team

Selling is an art. So the salespeople are the artists, the managers are the directors, and the management tools are part of the box office. And to measure the success of your sales team it is necessary to use the best indicators to monitor the results.

The sales process may seem like an art, but it also has a scientific-analytical side that makes the numbers appear. And that is where sales indicators can help your business results come in. And now the question is: are you using the right indicators to track your sales team?

What are the best sales indicators?

It’s time for you to know some of the main indicators to monitor and measure the performance of your sales team.

Average ticket

It is equivalent to the total value of sales made divided by the number of customers. It means, it is the average value of transactions made over a period of time. Based on it, an analysis of the results can be made, so it is possible to plan further strategies to increase sales.

Activation Index

It is the difference between the number of customers in the portfolio and the number of customers that actually pay.

Sales Cycle Time

The sales cycle is the various phases necessary to sell a product. This indicator is extremely important for identifying customer needs and adjustments to the business process.

Sales Channels

Sales channels are the places or means used to present your products and services to consumers. That is, sales can happen through referrals, partners, use of inbound marketing (newsletter, educational materials, blog, among others), outbound (active prospecting), social networks, among others.


Sales are not always closed at the fixed amount established. In some cases, discounts are granted to make buying easier and the consumer experience is positive. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the percentage of discounts practiced, which discounts can be increased, limited or eliminated, and who is selling with less discounts.

Performance by Goals

Every salesperson is driven by goals. That is why every manager needs to monitor the sales team and take into account the collective goals, as well as the individual performances of each employee.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the use of tools to manage results and people. Bet on Gamefic to keep your team always motivated and aware of your results and goals of the company.

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