How to manage your team during the home office?

For many people, working at home was something new that emerged as an alternative to some businesses survive during the quarantine period. And it was precisely for this reason that many companies joined the home office.

However, there is a big challenge that managers are facing , which is to manage their teams remotely. How is it possible to keep a committed, integrated team and also maintain leadership while everyone is at home? 

Determine the working day hours

Determine the working hours that everyone on the team must follow and take into account breaks and lunch time. Despite being at home, each person on your team must be aware that the workday must remain the same, as if they were in the office. Stipulating working hours is an interesting alternative for not overloading employees, in addition to keeping them committed to the performance of their activities.

Define the goals of each employee on your team

Home office employees must be aware of what is expected in relation to their activities and duties. Using the right tools so they can accomplish each task, have support whenever they need and have feedback is essential.

Communication is key

Make sure the information gets to your entire team easily and frequently. Exchange emails, use internal messaging tools, make videoconferences, and encourage everyone to talk. Communicate expectations, establish processes and ensure that the team feels safe with the new work routine. Thus, you ensure that your team is always aligned and productive.

Bet on recurring feedback

During the home office it is necessary to maintain transparency with employees who are working remotely. That is why feedback is so important and must happen regularly so that everyone is always in line with the company’s expectations and objectives. In addition, it is a way of ensuring that everyone on your team has access to results, productivity, problems, expectations and information relevant to the performance of their tasks.

Implement tools and manage your team online

During the home office, everyone must have access to information, data storage and communication with the entire team. It must be simple and in real-time if possible so that productivity keeps increasing.

Follow the evolution of the team and manage strategically in an easy way with an automated management system. Having a digital work control reduces the time of adjustment and evaluation of the HR team and that gives them more time to direct efforts for people management.

In this way, managers and employees will always be in touch and updated, maintaining a closer relationship, in addition to optimizing the time and organization of work.

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