How to remotely manage your sales team

Sales teams need constant motivation. It is essential that the leadership knows how to engage and lead this team in the best possible way. In fact, it is necessary to be attentive so that employees continue to present the desired results.

Doing this type of remote management, in this moment of social distance, can be a great challenge. But technology is a great tool in  pandemic times. This is because it not only allows remote work to be carried out, but also offers tools that help in contacting customers and also in managing the team remotely.

Through a computer connected to the Internet, managers have managed (as far as possible) to maintain work routines and meet customer demands on time. Investing in the use of tools that can assist communication between team members and managers, in addition to motivating employees is a good request to overcome this challenge.

Characteristics that must be managed and recognized in a sales team

First of all, it is important to remember that a sales team is made up of more than just salespeople: they are professionals of different functions. Thus, it is extremely important to take into consideration some aspects. See bellow: 

Results oriented

They are professionals who do not need constant tutoring. The achievement of the objectives and goals set by the manager is his compass, and, until he gets there, he will not stop trying.


Professionals who are persistent and love challenges. Both features are essential in a market that is equally disputed. Focused on results, these professionals will always be exceeding goals and expectations.


A professional with initiative and self-sufficiency will make it happen and increase the pace of sales.


People with this characteristic have the gift of “seducing” new customers. Good for creating new relationships for the company.

Gamification as a solution for remote management

Gamification is a management strategy that is already being implemented in large companies in the country. With it it is possible to transform the dynamics of the work environment into something more fun. Thus, using the logic of games to propose activities for employees, it is possible to make them feel engaged and motivated. The use of tools with the principle of gamification means that tasks are divided for the teams and thus, with clear objectives outlined, competitiveness, agility, extroversion and engagement are encouraged to achieve the expected results.

Tools such as Gamefic, enable the applicability of gamification and offer an overview for managers on the results achieved. The platform uses machine learning to gather important information about your business as a whole, making you able to map the profiles of users, in order to assist managers in their decision making.

Through the data collected with Machine Learning, the system is able to put it to use intelligently through automatic and personalized predictions and recommendations, in order to assist in decision making and boost  results. Any action can receive real-time feedback, such as rewards, training and more! Ideal for remote work, keeping leaders and followers in tune.

From the score generated through the performance of each player, a ranking is made available in a playful manner, in order to generate healthy competition among employees.

It is possible to monitor the development and performance of your team in real time. Performance reports are created, it is possible to cross-check metrics and synchronize another player’s data and more. Keeping track of KPIs has never been easier. Try it for free and find out how to make your business have engagement + collaboration to achieve more results!


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