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Internal communication: how to customize it efficiently during remote work

Maintaining communication with the work team is one of the biggest challenges that many companies face, especially in the current scenario of social distance. With employees working remotely, strengthening the relationship and having a close and efficient communication is extremely important to keep the team aligned with the company’s objectives. So, how to maintain efficient internal communication during remote work?


Establish a trusting relationship with your team, so be transparent and clear about the company, the processes, objectives and results. In this moment of social distance is important to minimize the insecurities and rumors that may appear, especially in this delicate and uncertain moment.

Create an opened environment to answer questions and suggestions

Efficient internal communication leaves no room for uncertainties and doubts, because they are always resolved at the right time. It is important to have an open channel so that employees can give their suggestions, answer their questions and even get in direct contact with you, the manager. So make it very clear how and when they can talk to you.

Be available to your team

Whenever a member of your team gets in touch, it is important that you are able to respond promptly to emails, calls, messages and video calls. It is important to show your team that you are available to chat, exchange ideas and that you are ready to provide support and guidance during the new work routine as they need.

Keep your team engaged

Have your team engaged and motivated by maintaining frequent and close communication. Set daily goals and objectives, give praise, talk about the weekend, apply feedback; All of will help your team to feel motivated to increase productivity.

Have an informed team

Having your team always informed and updated about new procedures, tips and general information is essential to be able to assist in the day to day work and in the execution of some activities. So send emails, messages, or videoconferences to keep everyone up to date and working with the latest information.

Maintaining efficient internal communication ensures that your employees are aligned and engaged with the company’s goals, objectives and culture. In addition, we can see some advantages of maintaining good corporate communication, such as:

  • Organizational climate improvement;
  • Increases productivity;
  • Decreases turnover rate;
  • Reduces the spread of gossip and false information;
  • Improves team engagement;
  • It brings together the relationship between everyone on the team

Bet on different communication channels

According to a survey conducted by ABERJE in March 2020, internal communication was the most affected process in companies during the pandemic. In the same survey, it was pointed out that social media and corporate portals have been the main channels used to maintain internal communication during this period.

In other words, this is the time to use other communication alternatives such as lives, videoconferences, webinars, WhatsApp groups, and even a gamified platform to establish an efficient communication with everyone in your company.

Gamefic is a gamification tool that uses game techniques to bring people closer and to engage the team. It helps to improve company’s results, motivate employees, manage people by performance indicators, and also help you communicate with your team, through a news feed to keep everyone always updated and connected. 

Do you ant to know more? So, get to know Gamefic.

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