Investing in your team with non-financial stimul

There is a world after the corona pandemic virus where work models have to be revised and transformed. Companies are facing two big challenges for activities: maintain productivity and keep the team motivated.

Employees are the basis of the company to function, because they bring profits. Therefore, it is important to make sure that their experience with work is being beneficial for both sides. Do you know how to motivate your staff?

You might have noticed that achieving a good salary does not guarantee satisfaction in the corporate environment. At the same time, for the company it is not simple to develop career plans with significant salary increases. That is why companies have being using other forms for team recognition that helps to keep them engaged with the business goals.

Considering that compensation by wage increase keeps the team motivated only for a short period, it is a smart solution to create an incentive policy to maintain high performance teams other than investing exclusively in wage policies.

There are many non-financial incentives that companies are implementing to have a motivated and productive team, such as internal promotion policies, events that promote or recognize the best employees and even daily messages that helps to train and incentive each employee.

The most important is to celebrate the achievements together! In spite that many companies have adopted home office work model, it is essential to preserve proximity of the team (even if not physical). Once the company shows that the well-being of employees is important and make them feel recognized by the good job they do, they will always want to do better. It is a winning game.

Gamification as a non-financial stimulus

Gamification is a management method that uses the mechanics, dynamics and logic present in games applied in companies’ daily lives. It is a way to convert sales goals into animated challenges for the entire team. The game provides healthy competitiveness and shows in real time the results obtained individually and as a team.

According to the users performance, points are computed that can be transformed into recognition prizes to reward the best performances. This is a great way to bring your team closer and encourage your employees to do their best every day.

Distance is not an obstacle to manage your team if you can count on a tool that offers a broad view of performance, in addition to facilitate communication between the team members. It can be the key to a successful management with positive effect on the overall performance of the team.

The current scenario of financial risk for companies demands changes and gamification has proven to be extremely efficient to increase productivity and also an interesting alternative for those who want to invest in non-financial stimulus, providing new experiences with reduced cost.

Meet Gamefic

Gamefic was created to improve business management techniques by applying gamification concepts in the daily life of organizations. It is an evolution of current management models that helps to implement a gamification culture in companies, which is able to promote engagement while increasing results.

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