Machine Learning: how it helps leaders to make smart decisions

Without human intervention, machine learning can analyze complex data, providing faster and more accurate results. But after all, do you know what machine learning is?

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates the construction of analytical models. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

This powerful technique is becoming increasingly popular with companies’ digital transformation. In addition, there are several business management tools that make use of this technology. With machine learning, it is possible to learn what steps an operator takes to reach an expected result. In this way, the system shows which path is most efficient to reach a goal. With this data in hand, leaders can reorganize their strategy to maximize their results.

Currently, this technology is used in various operations that we carry out on a daily basis. Whether in the analysis of credit card purchases to prevent fraud, as well as in the ads that appear on websites that take into account our search history.

Machine learning and smart business decisions

Machine learning technology has been very well absorbed in the business world. With it, management systems are able to offer real-time feedback as well as presenting performance reports based on the collected data.

Gamefic is a remote people management tool based on Machine Learning. It assists managers in their processes, leading them to have more insights and make better decisions. With the use of the platform and the inclusion of data by users, the system collects important information about your business as a whole, making it able to map the profiles of users, in order to assist managers in their decision making. The system organizes in order the data collected with Machine Learning intelligently through automatic and personalized predictions and recommendations.  This way you can use information to boost your results. 

By monitoring specific meters or KPIs of the business itself, leaders can monitor the performance of each employee in real time. As the data is collected and by its analysis, managers can identify points to be trained. The system itself is also able to offer real-time feedback for better user performance.

According to Gisele Galilea – FGV / FAESP professor, it is possible to “achieve 40% of growth per year using a resource like this”. When you decide to invest in gamification with Machine Learning in your business, you will see  that such technology does not take so long to return with positive results to the company.


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