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Motivational techniques to apply now in your company

Motivating employees can be a big challenge for many companies. Therefore, it is interesting to know and apply some motivational techniques to encourage your team so they are able to improve the results of your business.

One thing must be clear: when we talk about motivation in the workplace, most people imagine that it is linked to a financial incentive, but it is quite not it. It is possible to create actions and implement some techniques that will increase your team’s engagement and motivation and, consequently, an improvement in the company’s results and climate. Want to know how? Check it out:

Recognize your employees

One of the simplest motivational techniques to apply is recognition. Recognizing a good performance means a lot to most of the employees. After all, one of the factors that psychology attributes to self-esteem, the ability to offer the best of ourselves and to love what we do is recognition.

As social beings, we need others to accept us, recognize us and approve the product of our effort. Therefore, it is important to recognize the job well done, both individually and in team.

Offer incentives

Offering something in return for a goal achieved is a way to encourage, motivate and engage your employees. A trip, the possibility of receiving specialized and differentiated training, a break, participation in any event, in short, all of this can be used to create the necessary motivation to accelerate the performance of the worker in certain job responsibilities.

Bring your employees closer

Creating opportunities for employees to interact and exchange ideas, in a situation of leisure and relaxation, is highly recommended to bring employees closer. This leads to the development of a sense of belonging to the group and strengthening of the relationship between the team members. This way, everyone wants to stay together to achieve greater professional achievements, delivering better performance as a team.

Celebrating commemorative dates and the birthday of your employees is a great way to promote this approach. Celebrating the company’s own birthday with a big celebration is also recommended to create this feeling of “being a part of something”.

Provide a good working environment

The work environment is the physical representation of the company’s culture. It is there that relationships are created, challenges are overcome and, moreover, it is the place where the magic happens.

 It may not seem like it, but by providing comfortable furniture, the necessary materials for the development of work and appropriate management systems, for example, make your employees feel prestigious and motivated. Therefore, offering adequate working conditions can be considered a great motivational technique.

Motivational techniques: how to apply them?

One way to apply these and other motivational techniques is through gamification. That is, the inclusion of activities or playful tools in the professional routine to stimulate the team’s performance. Gamefic stimulates healthy competition among employees in order to motivate them to evolve as professionals.


The stimulus for evolution, as well as the stages of the game, can happen through:

  • Phases
  • Challenges
  • Awards
  • Rankings
  • Recognition
  • And so on.

The employee assumes the role of a player and must fulfill certain tasks to advance in the phases that have been assigned to the team. For each objective achieved, prizes or rewards (stipulated by the company or available on the virtual platform itself) are released. In addition, the best players are recognized by the ranking in real time, encouraging healthy competition, improving communication and motivating their employees.

Gamefic is the platform that can lead the results of your company to the next level. Revolutionize the relationship with your employees through an intuitive platform, designed to increase interaction between teams, promote engagement, increase productivity and, consequently, generate more results. Discover this innovative way of motivating and managing people. Meet Gamefic.


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