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Organizational culture: how to keep it alive during remote work

During this period of social distancing, many companies had to adopt the home office as an alternative to maintain their business. With the team members physically separated, the question that remains is: how to keep the organizational culture strong with remote work?


What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture is a system of shared characteristics in the company, such as habits, beliefs, values, attitudes, norms and languages. It determines the teams´ behavior and the way the company conducts the business.


What is the importance of the organizational culture?

A company with a strong organizational culture motivates employees, improves productivity, reduces absenteeism and minimizes turnover. That is why, it is important to define and implement the values, mission, vision, objectives and beliefs, so it is possible to develop the company’s guidelines and create a powerful legacy. After all, when you have a well-structured organizational culture, actions are shared and executed naturally by each employee.


How to maintain an organizational culture during home office?

Investment in training, equipment and specially team development is important to keep everyone updated and close to the company’s culture.


Therefore, during remote work, managers have an important role to focus on communication and follow up with their team. Productivity, satisfaction, motivation, commitment must be guided by the values ??of the corporate culture.


What to do to maintain the corporate culture?

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your company’s culture strong:


Keep in touch with the team

To preserve the organizational culture during the home office, it is necessary to be in constant contact with the employees to align activities, objectives, give feedback, etc. Thus, your team feels supported and aware that they can count on their manager whenever they need. 


Strengthen internal communication

Avoid gossip and rumors. Allow employees to be involved in the company’s main decisions, keeping internal communication active through emails, chats, meetings and other digital channels.


Give feedbacks

Feedback is important. During the home office, feedback is an indispensable tool to keep the organizational culture present and its employee valued.


Reinforce your culture’s strengths

During this period of social distancing, it is essential that the company intensify messages that fortify the aspects of corporate culture. This way, your team remains engaged even working from home.


Use technology in your favor

It is essential that managers have conditions to keep in touch with their team by using tools that help in the performance of the activities even at a distance. Using communication, organization and management tools can facilitate the work routine and provide employees with greater security about their job.


Thinking about the  necessity of companies to shorten the distance between managers and their teams, Gamefic created an innovative solution to strengthen the corporate culture. 


Through our gamified platform you are able to manage your team in real time and bring teams together to work for your business’ goals. In addition, it helps maintain clear communication while evaluating the performance of each player.


Keep your company’s culture alive. Communicate. Connect. Innovate. Gamefic your team!

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