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Permanent home office: the pros of adopting this work model in your company

As you know, the home office work model was unexpected for many companies, but in order to follow the recommendations for social distance and preserve the health of their employees, some businesses closed their physical offices.

The permanent home office is already considered by several companies as an alternative to benefit employees, given the good feedback from the team and the positive performance of the entire organization during this period.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter and several multinationals have already announced the adoption of the permanent home office for part of their employees after the quarantine period. The aim is to retain talent and reduce maintenance costs with large physical offices. No matter the size of the business, everyone can benefit from this “new model of work”.

Research shows that the majority of workers who started to work remotely approved this work model. And this acceptance is due to the comfort of not having to travel for long periods of time to get to and from work. Consequently, companies also gain in the transport voucher economy. But that is not all, another advantage considered by employees is the possibility to manage working time more freely.


Depending on the type of business, if viable, employees can work where and when they want. The important thing is to deliver the results and maintain productivity with the same quality. On average, it is possible to generate in the company savings of 15% with the implementation of remote work. In this way, companies are challenged to adapt to match what is in vogue in the market.

Challenges and investments for the permanent home office

Several companies already consider home office assistance for their employees to bear some costs while working at home. Another investment that must be made to prosper in this work model is the acquisition of software licenses for the team and also the implementation of distance management systems. After all, it is essential for managers to have in hand all the necessary  KPIs  to develop strategies and improve the performance of employees, even at a distance.

Another issue to be taken into account is the creation of spaces and routines to provide training, meetings and to foster the company’s culture for all the members on the team. 

Guilherme Sant’Anna, partner and responsible for the people and management area at XP Investimentos, says that “the big challenge is to understand when the employee should have interaction with the company’s culture and when he needs to be physically in the office, as in integrations, training and meetings ”.

With the positive results of using a gamified platform to manage during remote work, XP decided to extend this work model until the end of this year, while structuring a permanent home office project and adjusting the offices to receive back employees, customers and partners.

People management and remote work

Some companies have invested in their IT teams to develop systems to manage remote work. However, there are already great  tools available on the market that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and organize  information about the productivity of each employee. In addition, they also provide alternatives for training and a place to discuss internal issues, such as a communication channel.

Gamefic’s platform can do all of this and much more for your company. It’s a gamification-based software that allows you to manage talents, create training and has a communication channel to bring together in one tool everything you need to increase the productivity of your employees and consequently the company’s results.

Available on multiple devices, Gamefic is always on hand on the computer, smartphone and even on smart TV. Try it for free and follow the new trends in remote work management tools.

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