Salesforce and Gamefic: guarantee of success

Using Salesforce is an excellent resource for shaping the growth of any type of business. Adopting this CRM platform and integrating with Gamefic is a guarantee of success. Do you know why?

Salesforce is a CRM tool widely used to manage customer relationships. This prominent position was achieved due to the large offer of services that make it possible to control fundamental issues for the business, such as leads, sales funnel and task tracking.

With Salesforce, you can store customer information, increase productivity, track all sales activities (recent or past), provide insights for future customers, automate tasks, and more.

Regardless of the size of your business, it is possible to increase your revenue, increase the productivity of your team and even improve the relationship with the customer. That is, if you have total control over the sales funnel in a simple, centralized and personalized way.

How can Salesforce and Gamefic help you sell more?

It is possible to use gamification tools, such as Gamefic, integrated with Salesforce so that your sales team can follow the evolution of results and identify strengths and weaknesses that can be improved.

With Gamefic, it is possible to motivate and engage each person on your team, thus creating a healthy competitive environment in the company where everyone works towards a common goal to achieve the stabilished results and awards.

The implementation of gamification to Salesforce makes it necessary for employees to use everything that this tool can offer to the business and find it fun to do so. CRM does not have to be just an administrative task, but an interesting dynamic way to work with customers on a daily basis. And that is what Gamefic can do for you when integrated with Salesforce: making the use of this tool something interesting and that brings a spirit of healthy competition among employees.

Selling more and revolutionizing the relationship with your employees and customers has never been more fun. Do you want to know more? Visit Gamefic.

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