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Smart call centers: engagement and gamification

Collection, delivery, goals, calls, negotiations. These words are commonplace in a call center environment.

However, with the evolution of processes and technologies, call centers are becoming more intelligent and focused on performance improvements to achieve goals.

They use engagement strategies to motivate teams, apply non-violent communication and still increase the company’s productivity and results. An important tool in these strategies is gamification.

In this text, we will better contextualize the smart call center and how engagement and gamification are fundamental to the success of this new modality.

Smart call centers: what are they?

We use the term smart call centers to identify those who use traditional flight as a premise.

Not that the traditional call centers are wrong at all. The truth is that an intelligent call center searches for new indicators, with accurate and immediate data for a better assessment of teams.

Gamification and engagement: far beyond goals

By seeking new solutions for the evolution of individuals and teams, smart call centers find gamification as an ally tool for employee engagement and motivation.

Through a voice analysis (Speech Analytics), for example, it is possible to detect a pattern of behavior and evaluate the performance of the team.

The gamified environment allows constant monitoring, in real time and with the possibility of indicating the necessary changes to achieve the objectives.

Benefits of gamification in call centers

Gamification is usually related to an investment to facilitate the way to achieving goals and objectives.

However, it is very important for people management, especially in times of work in home office format. The use of gamification allows a complete evolution of teams, better visualization of objectives and goals to be achieved.

In addition, it offers a more relaxed, light and participative environment.

Among other benefits of gamification for call centers, we can mention:

Greater interaction between team members: gamification platforms allow leaders to interact in real time with their teams. Thus, communication between the parties becomes more fluid.

Engagement and productivity: the use of game elements makes the activity more dynamic and playful. This means that employees remain focused for a longer time, significantly increasing productivity.

More personal and professional evolution: the platforms allow to offer constant, real-time feedback. Thus, any good performance can be recognized and any attitude that does not follow the expected conduct can be reviewed through dialogue.

Work Environment: gamification also impacts directly on the work environment, taking some of the existing pressure and promoting a healthier environment.

Focused strategies: with real-time data of the employees’ performance in hand, it is possible to make specific adjustments to the strategies for the success of the proposed objectives.

Gamefic: engaging solutions for smart call centers

Gamefic has developed an intelligent platform, capable of assisting in solving team engagement and evolution problems.

A tool that favors people management, dialogue between users and people evaluation. It is a technology that facilitates the new parameters of the corporate environment.

Experience an innovative solution and make your call center more intelligent, dynamic and productive with a gamified strategy.

Experience the benefits of Gamefic in your work environment.

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