Strategic management: 3 tips to master it

Good management practices must be thought out to be applied strategically in companies. Mastering the strategic management of people and knowing how to apply it is vital for your business.

Strategic management is performed by business managers. This professional has total control of the company’s actions and resources, such as commercial, financial, statistical, marketing, accounting, as well as being a reference as a leader for everyone in the organization itself.

Strategic management is supported in the human resources sector, with the purpose of improving performance and achieving the goals set by the company. However, it is essential that these professionals develop skills to lead, motivate and persuade people in search of entrepreneurial attitudes and thoughts to reap rewarding results.

Therefore, gamification tools can be an excellent ally to manage your team. In addition to facilitating the work of the manager when it comes to collecting data and generating reports, employees are constantly motivated to achieve better results. In this way, it is possible to apply these three tips in a playful way to make a strategic management:

1 – Goals and competencies

Each employee needs to understand how their work can help to bring results to the company. That is why setting goals and putting competencies in line with the business strategy is so important.

With Gamefic, for example, it is possible to conduct the work of employees, according to the goals set by each department individually. Together, everyone is on track to achieve the results expected by the company. This is done through tasks that must be completed in the game to progress to the next level.

2 – Always provide feedback and training

Feedback is another good way to bring employees closer to the manager. Feedback can be offered, coupled with coaching, to improve the performance of each person on your team.

With Gamefic, any action can receive real-time feedback, such as rewards, training and more. Such actions are effective to promote personal and professional development, in addition to improving communication between the leader and his followers.

3 – Promote social recognition

Another tip is to engage employees in social recognition processes that involve their peers. With this, we encourage collaboration between teams, relationships between people and social learning. An excellent way to do this is through performance rankings.

On the Gamefic platform, the score generated through the performance of each player is viewed in a playful way in a ranking, in order to encourage recognition and healthy competition among employees.

Nowadays strategic management 

This management model is the result of several studies and management theories, which show the need to align the organization’s initiatives with the development of people, based on a collaborative, social and network model.

Thus, in order to maximize results and manage talent, performance indicators are monitored. They allow managers to observe how close the goals are to being met. With this, they are able to easily have insights into actions that can enable the faster achievement of the proposed objectives.

The same goes for strategic management. The performance indicators of each professional can be monitored for periods. Thus, the manager easily identifies possible problems, such as absenteeism rates, the drop in the performance of a professional, difficulties in performing some tasks, and much more.

Using management tools, helps you in the task of unifying all indicators and data in one place. Motivate your team, monitor your indicators, identify bottlenecks (gargalos), simplify analysis, generate reports and improve your results with Gamefic.

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