Team management: The impacts of poor

Team Management

The performance of a team is directly linked to the practices of team management.

Therefore, efficient team management causes satisfactory performance. On the other hand, unbalanced work can ruin the development of the team and the chances to achieve any stipulated goal.

After all, what is the influence and the real impact that a manager’s attitudes can cause in the company? Let’s talk about it!

Manager: the boat commander, not the owner!

Team management is delicate. Especially because we are talking about people, and people think and act differently.

The difference between people might be the main factor for the success of a team. That is why the figure of the leader is so important: he is responsible for managing the distinctions and transforming them into forces capable of developing teams and generating results for the organization.

If people management in the organization cannot be efficient, in addition to goals not being achieved, teams will show wear and tear and a series of consequences will bring down the motivation and productivity of employees.

If the management of people in the organization is not efficient and doesn’t achieve objectives, the team will lower down the motivation and productivity.

How to identify a bad leader?

So far it has become clear: ineffective organizational leadership causes serious problems for the environment as a whole.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of some signs that identify that the team manager is not fulfilling his role well. Some of them are:

  • Absence of characteristics of a leader
  • Work overload
  • Lack of recognition and reward
  • Does not encourage team growth and active participation
  • Lack of feedback
  • It does not promote dialogue, it is controlling
  • Puts own ideas above all others
  • Lacks emotional intelligence to manage conflicts

These and other characteristics point to a deficiency to team management and this is detrimental in the long term for everyone involved in the process.

But what are the consequences of poor team management?

The impacts on the team will soon be felt, once the results start to oscillate. However, we can note, mainly:

Team management and productivity

When the leadership is confusing, the organization of work will be as well. That way, the teams will lose more time to put order in the house. This will accumulate tasks and decrease the time to actually be productive.

Poor Team Management causes Low talent retention

New generations are increasingly attached to the healthy work environment. That is, the more toxic and unproductive the environment of a company is, the less talents will make efforts to remain in the organization.

Worn out relationships

Poor leadership leads to wear and tear between employee and manager. This affects the entire team, which starts to self-sabotage with internal discussions, assumptions or aggressive comments. This makes the environment unsustainable for teamwork.

Spotted company image

Bad news runs fast. It’s important to remember.

If the leadership is not able to manage the conflicts and still collaborate for all the other consequences that we talked about above, naturally this will be an issue in conversation circles between friends and families.

Even customers and suppliers end up being impacted, having another view on who they are dealing with. This can hurt a lot of the company’s future business.

Poor team management causes high turnover rate

Poor management of people causes a high rate of employee turnover. Once the environment is not favorable for work, going out and looking for less toxic air ends up being one of the best options.

A company with a high turnover index ends up not attracting the attention of new talents and high-performance professionals. Which is detrimental to the evolution of teams and results.

That is clear that poor team management has negative consequences for an organization. Sometimes, even irreversible.

You need to choose leadership carefully and monitor performance. As we said above, the manager is an important part of the boat, and if it fails, the entire system fails together. Therefore, the manager must have the right skills to navigate smoothly with his crew, all rowing in the same direction.

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