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Trends of Management Innovation

In the XXI century the main trends for management innovation are focused on facilitating routine activities and turning them into an automated system. Therefore, technology will continue to arise as the great ally of the sector. Digital tools increasingly intuitive and even more complete than ever will bring affordability, dynamism, flexibility, mobility and, above all, modernity in management.

The advance of technology changed how people relate to each other. Therefore, a sector that deals with human beings needs to keep updated and follow the evolution to obtain good results. That includes adopting new practices and defining better strategies, aligning with the reality of the business.

See below a list of some of the latest trends in management innovation to improve the employee experience. They will be increasingly present in the day-to-day of companies. Check out!

Artificial intelligence:

Basically, Artificial Intelligence refers to the possibility that machines learn certain behaviors and actions as they are used. One of the ways to use A.I. in your company is adopting a system that is able to use the collected data intelligently through automatic and personalized forecasts and recommendations in order to assist the decision making and boost results.

Management innovation in performance analysis:

Using tools that show the performance of each team member and from everyone of the company helps to manage and analyze their performance. The new technologies aiming this goal show results through spreadsheets and graphs that allow the visualization and evaluation of the entire team. This way, the manager can learn how to distribute tasks and know the execution time of each employee by choosing the right indicators to be observed.

Strategic Leadership:

Knowing how to identify the leaders in the team is also a tendency to better manage the distribution of tasks in a company. Leadership plays a key role in the success of a business, so it must be part of your strategy. Usually good leaders have a healthy relationship with employees and are prepared to implement new practices any time, following what is determined by the organization. That said, it is extremely important to identify people who have these skills and learn how to retain them in the company.

Human Resources chatbots application:

We are already used to the presence of chatbots for customer service. However, this technology has proven to be quite efficient to assist in the onboarding and integration process of new employees. Chatbots offers a channel where it is possible to convey the company’s values ??and vision as well as to facilitate dialogue and collect data for future analysis.

“People Analytics” is a management innovation

Comparing the data collected from each employee has also proved to be a great way to improve people management. People Analytics is able to collect, process and cross countless datas between each team member. Thus, by knowing their skills and evaluating their performance, it is possible to use it in a more strategic way for the business.

Implementing all these trends to better manage a company is quite a challenge, but it is not impossible. Technology should be used as an ally so that the activities relevant to the human resources management can be performed quickly and efficiently. Proof of this is that most of the novelties presented here are related to digital transformation. Discover all that Gamefic offers to achieve the goals of your company.

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