User experience: using the avatar in gamification

Experiência do usuário

It is not possible to talk about gamification without thinking about the user experience.  

Using game mechanisms and being able to create and edit your avatar is a simple way to stimulate and motivate your users to carry out their daily activities.

Increase the engagement of your employees and make the user experience much more fun with the use of a personalized avatar in your company’s gamification tool.

How to use the avatar in gamification?

The avatar is a character created and set by the user so that he can identify himself and be identified in the virtual environment. This representation of the player / collaborator can be made from a customizable photo, a caricature, or a figure that has editable features and props.

Generally, the type of avatar is related to the context in which the gamification system was built. Just like in video games, we can create avatars according to the type of game selected, as in a racing game, your avatar can be a pilot in a colorful uniform and helmet with drawings, or in a fantasy game, your avatar can being a leprechaun with pointed ears and funny clothes, among other examples.

Another important point that can be observed in the current scenario of social distance, is that many companies have used gamification systems to strengthen the relationship with employees, encourage learning and increase performance in results. And this is where the avatar can help the user to enter the corporate virtual world.

Allowing personalization of the avatar positively impacts users’ motivation. In addition to encouraging more activities and challenges to be carried out, the user experience tends to be enjoyable, allowing employees to be more motivated and productive.

With that in mind, Gamefic allows each user to have a wide range of customization options, always taking the user experience into account. Want to know more? Visit Gamefic.

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