What is the manager’s role during the Home Office?

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The current moment calls for calm. Calm to stay at home, calm not to let anxiety take over and calm to keep working and still be productive.

It is really important to understand the role of a manager during remote work. The leader is not just the figure that supervises the work, but  is someone who is present and transmits confidence to the team and maintain the synergy of the group. Let’s see what is the  posture that a leader should have in a home office work model.

First: change your mindset

If you are not used to working in a home office structure the first thing you have to do is to change your professional mindset. Working from home is different than going to the office because it changes the perception of each employee in relation to their work routine. Therefore, if you are the manager, you need to work on your communication so your team feels as if you are close to them and keep working naturally.

Keep your team engaged

It might be a challenge to keep the entire team engaged while working from home. First of all, you have to keep in mind that each employee is out of the office, and for this reason, unexpected events can happen in their personal routine that can end up interfering in the professional routine.

At this point, the manager must be an example. He must demonstrate his commitment and productivity while organizing the team and establishing the individual goals based on the company’s goal. Therefore, it is important to motivate the team regularly by giving constant feedback to keep productivity within the expectations. 

Make yourself available

During a social distancing stage and remote work is important that the manager gives all the support and guidance on how to have a productive work routine at home. For this reason, the magic word of this moment is communication.

Show your team that you are available to talk. Then, let the entire team know that you are present and how they can get in touch with you.

But beware! Don’t just wait for people to come to you. Be proactive and participate – schedule meetings, talk to each employee and maintain a close and professional relationship with each of them.

Keep your attention on people

It may seem obvious, but really focus your attention on your team. This social distancing moment can affect your team’s mental health. So, follow up , show interest in what they did over the weekend and how they are adapting to the new style of work, for example.

Another important detail is to use video conferences to do meetings, to give feedback or just talk. See your team can make all the difference to go through social isolation.

Create a work routine

Establish a work routine for your team. An important step to keep the organization of what should be done is to plan the tasks that should be executed by creating a work routine with the activities and deadlines.

As a manager, your job is to motivate people to work harder and better, even in the “worst” scenario. But always remember to be flexible and understand that unexpected events can happen in the daily routine in a home office structure.

Use tools to help you manage the team

Focus on your team and make use of management apps and tools to help you to control tasks, deadlines and reports. Also bet on the use of technology to make meetings. Choose the best tool to make voice calls, to interact with your team during a video conference and even share files. The essential here, is to use tools to help you manage your team in a closer, more efficient and organized way.

As a manager, your role is not just to assist and guide your employees during the home office, but to engage and stimulate your team by maintaining active listening and open communication. This way is possible to help reducethe level of anxiety of the people that work on your project. This way, preserving mental health, everyone is more likely to improve productivity.

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