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Onboarding new hires during home office: how to do it?

Onboarding means to integrate a new member into a team.The term is widely used by HR personnel. The purpose of onboarding is to make the company’s processes and procedures familiar to new employees, in addition to promoting alignment with the mission, vision, values ??and other aspects of organizational culture.

Usually, it happens with the presentation of their responsibilities in the workplace, and also a moment of integration with other team members to better welcome the new talents. Such actions promote the employee’s enchantment, humanizing the social contract with the company and to start his relationship with the organization.

When done well, this integration process helps to put the new team member on the same page as the other company professionals.

A possible doubt at this time is: how to do onboarding when the work model adopted is the home office? After all, all that human warmth of receptivity and welcome in the workplace is no longer possible. However, technology presents us with alternative ways to promote onboarding effectively for both the new employee and their leaders.

How to do onboarding during remote work?

Find out what needs to be done to make the onboarding experience during remote work more interesting. Check out these tips:

1 – Plan onboarding

Organization is paramount. Plan how this new team member integration process will be carried out. On the day of the arrival of new team members, you should have already prepared:

  • a welcome kit: How about sending a little treat with information about the position, a brief history of the company and the importance of the work of this new employee for the organization?
  • materials to start to work: what does it take for this person to start working? Are all systems already set? Have all the login and password information already been created? What are the first demands for adaptation?
  • announce the arrival of the new member to everyone on the team: share the information with everyone who will work on the same team. It is always good for employees to also embrace this new employee, thus welcoming everyone and not just the leader.
  • elect a mentor to the newcomer: this person can be someone on the team or the leader himself. Its function is to closely monitor and guide the first steps of the new employee. 

The professional who goes through a planned and structured onboarding process feels more integrated to the culture and activities more quickly.

2 – Have defined the positions and functions of your company

Having detailed and objective material of the structure of which the new employee will be part is essential. Onboarding is showing the employee that he is part of a team. In other words, everyone’s work influences everyone’s achievements. That is, it is much more than presenting the company’s facilities, it is presenting how it works.

3 – Adapt training to digital platforms and offer follow-up

Create short videos or graphic materials that are didactic to teach what the employee needs to know, how to do and that serve as support material for consultation. Similarly, take into account that these materials must be “light”, especially since the remote process requires an internet connection and not everyone works under the same conditions.

The creation of forums in order to concentrate the frequent doubts of common processes is recommended. In this way, it is possible to establish a learning channel and exchange of technical knowledge among everyone in the company.

4 – Discipline, routine and organization

Even though remote work allows flexible schedules, we have to organize a routine to meet the needs of the new member. Leave pre-established times for feedback and follow-up. Thus, it is possible to provide a better organization for all people involved in the process. In addition, the new employee is able to better discipline his performance to meet these demands and pre-programmed meetings.

5 – Continuous integration

The adaptation of the new member to the team is something continuous and that improves every day. Integrating everyone in a company in this period in which we are living is challenging. Creating breathing spaces and even breaks during the journey is highly recommended.

Among the main benefits of a positive onboarding experience are:

  • Greater clarity of culture, mission and organizational values
  • Understanding the company’s communication channels
  • Greater engagement
  • Understanding the organization’s benefits and programs
  • Retaining talent
  • Increased productivity

The right tool for remote onboarding

Although performing remote onboarding can seem complicated and difficult, by adopting the right tools everything can be simpler and better organized. Gamefic is a remote work management tool based on gamification in which it is possible to integrate all employees in your area or your company.

On our platform, you can structure your workflow in a simple and visual way, which makes it easier for the team to understand the impact of each one’s work on the whole, through gamification. This increases the feeling of belonging and favors transparent communication. So, if you want to implement remote onboarding and improve the sharing of information within your company, start here. Take your free trial now.

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